Why Giving Should Be Part of Your Plan


It’s not a secret that I’m a number’s guy.  Most people who know me, if asked would say, ”Oh Yeah! Leo’s a number’s guy, especially when it involves finances.”  I’ve been called “The Money Guy” and “Mr. Budget” and a few other less flattering names because of my love for personal finances.  I don’t apologize for this, but would like to clarify that my love for this topic has little to do with money and more to do with everything that money influences.

I don't love money, I love that I can use money ...

I don’t love money, I love that I can use money to provide a good and comfortable lifestyle for my family.  I love that I can take something as trivial as money and give to an organization that is as passionate as I am at alleviating, suffering, hopelessness, or poverty by providing basic needs like water, food, medicine, counseling and education, to people that can’t get provide for those things on their own.  

Nothing gives me more joy and makes me feel more fulfilled than using what I have, whether money or my abilities (skill and experience), to help a fellow human being.  I believe at the core this is true of all of us.  We are created for the purpose of adding value to the people of this world. The more giving we do the more joy we experience.  The less we give the more selfish and unfulfilled we become.


Make giving a priority


I decided long ago that I wanted to be a giver not a taker.  To be able to do so, whether giving money or my time, I’ve had to learn how to manage money better so I could do more to provide for the things I cared about most.

When I was 24 years old I learned about budgeting for the first time and I've been operating on a written budget ever since.  I absolutely love living on a budget because it's given me and my wife the ability to accomplish some amazing things.  I look back with gratitude on many of the things we've been able to enjoy over the years.  But the most joy has come from what we've been able to give away.  This includes giving of our time, talent (ability), and our treasure.  I can look back with some regret for some of the wasteful spending we've done over the years, and there's been enough of that, but I will never look back with regret on what I've given away.  

How about you?

Do you have a budget [a written financial plan] that you live by, and are you accomplishing your greatest purpose, adding value to others?  

Share your thoughts or a testimony how budgeting has given you the means to help others.