what people are saying

“Leo is one of the greatest leaders I’ve ever known. He walks alongside people hand in hand, he offers solutions and wisdom from years of practical experience, and he genuinely cares about everyone he serves. I’m so grateful to have learned so much over the past decade from him.”
I don’t know of a man or friend with more character than Leo. He is faithful, trustworthy, honest, and someone who truly cares about people.
— Jason & Bonnie Ruth Rolf.
Your wisdom and steadfast love has given us strength and encouragement on our journey.
— Fanel and Monica Serban
You not only have an immense desire to learn, you desire to share your findings with others, and I have been the greatest benefactor. I would not be the person I am today if it was not for your impact on my life.
— Courtney Clifton
You are full of integrity, wisdom, and love. The people around you are incredibly blessed to have you in our lives.
— Pastor Chad Sykes
When we first came in contact with Leo, we were trying our best to manage finances, but things felt unorganized and overwhelming. Leo took the time to learn the specific details of our finances and was confident in providing us with a custom budget. Organizing finances and creating a budget can seem daunting, but Leo always created an atmosphere of comfort and encouragement. He walked us through the process step-by-step and was very patient and thorough. He had an answer to every question we asked and was always confident in his advice and suggestions. As a product of Leo’s guidance and help, there are no question marks left in our finances, we have a budget, and we have an easy to use budget app/software. Most importantly to us, in an area of our marriage that used to be filled with tension and chaos, there is now hope, peace and structure. We are beyond thankful for Leo and would recommend him to anyone!
— Andrew & Erin McKinney