welcome to my site.

Hi, I’m Leo, a writer, teacher, speaker, and financial coach.  I’ve been teaching and coaching on personal finance for the past 16 years.  On this site I share my thoughts, experience, triumphs and failures, to help you gain the knowledge and insight to manage it for success, so that money works for you instead of working against you.

Here’s what I believe:

Every person is created with purpose.  We are each given a set of abilities, character traits, and opportunities, in order to fulfill our purpose.  We’re also each given just one life, and we dare not waste it!  What you’re meant do with your life really matters, because you have the potential to contribute to our world in a way that no one else can. 

Money is a vital tool in accomplishing your purpose.  It can either help you or hinder you.  How you feel about it, and how you use it, will determine not only your results but ultimately your happiness. I want to help you achieve personal financial freedom by teaching you, supporting you, and inspiring you, to manage your money well, so that you’ll go father and achieve more than you ever dreamed possible.


If you have the desire to achieve financial independence and enjoy a purpose-full life, this is the place for you.


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