In our first episode we'll discuss how money impacts three specific areas of our life: our relationships, our work, and our lifestyle. We'll also introduce you to who we are, why we started this podcast, and tell you why getting your money right is important to your happiness and your life's purpose.

Show Notes:

The WHY – our reasons for starting this podcast

o   Recognized a lack of education on money
o   Knowledge about money – makes all the difference in every area of life
o   Our personal journey and the gained experience (10,000 hours)
o   We are passionate because it changed and helped us
o   We want to make a difference, add value, and help you the listener get money right because it        will change your life.

What you can expect from listening

o   Receive practical advice
o   Access to useful tools to help you manage your money successfully
o   Education
o   Your questions answered – Q & A

How money impacts our life – positive and negative

o   Relationships

  • Couples

  • marriage communication (geek and the free spirit = good) complement each other.

  • Singles – money central to social life

  • Money impacts our relationships most every day

o   Work

  • 80% unsatisfied and would quit if money wasn't an issue

  • Love your job but don’t make enough money = unsatisfied and unhappy

  • Hate your job but make good money = unsatisfied and unhappy

  • Money is a major chunk of our work life

o   Lifestyle

  • People want more than just the basics (food, clothing, and a roof over your head).

  • Lifestyle Represents = our dreams, our security and safety (women/kids), our hopes and desires for happiness and fulfillment.


  • Money impacts our life in these 3 main areas: our relationships, our work, and our lifestyle – it’s important!

  • That’s why Getting Money Right is so crucial – doing it right will have a significant positive impact on your life.

  • The opposite is also true if you don’t get money right.