Episode 39
Having a correct view of money and how you’re to use it is important. We’ve all heard the saying, “Money changes people.” That change can be good or bad, and the difference is directly tied to whether that person has the right view of money. On this episode we’re going to help you gain a better perspective on money and show you how it is directly tied to your purpose, the thing that you are meant to do.





Book: The One Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan

“Happiness happens on the way to fulfillment. Dr. Martin Seligman, past president of the American Psychological Association, believes there are five factors that contribute to our happiness: positive emotion and pleasure, achievement, relationships, engagement, and meaning. Of these, he believes engagement and meaning are the most important. Becoming more engaged in what you do by finding ways to make your life more meaningful is the surest way to find lasting happiness. When our daily actions fulfill a bigger purpose, the most powerful and enduring happiness can occur.



  1. Positive Emotion & Pleasure

  2. Achievement

  3. Relationships

  4. Engagement

  5. Meaning



1. Realizing what money is and what its purpose is.

  • We have to realize there are outside influences that shape our view

    • Advertising, culture, materialism.

    •   “More is better mentality.”

    • Wealth is increasing exponentially, but what are we doing with it?

  2. Setting a proper lifestyle

  • Defining needs, wants, desires.

  • Our budget tool gives great guidelines for you to enjoy life at your income

  • Creating a plan that is based on your needs.

    • Money can only make you happy to a certain degree, optimum happiness from a baseline of income, but there is a baseline that when you go beyond it more money doesn’t really make you happy.

  • What are your core values?

    • Values that cause me to set a lifestyle cap:

      • Value time together, deeper relationship, intimacy in marriage. I would rather live in a less expensive home so that I can come home at 5pm, so I can go on a date with my wife.

      • Value safety.

      • Value Comfort.

        • Understand that I can’t do “all of it” - so I choose to limit some things to focus on the things that matter to me.

  •  What’s pushing against your core values?

    • Friends

    • Culture

    • Work Life

  3. Living a Generous Lifestyle

  • I’m going to use my surplus to fulfill my purpose and improve the effectiveness of my purpose on this earth.

  • When you have a surplus beyond your basic lifestyle, then you can begin to be generous with others.

    • Generosity is adding value to someone's life

      • My business can add value to others

      • My unique gifts and talents can add value

      • My time can give value

  4. Dangers that money and wealth presents

  • Becoming the focus - takes the focus off of your real purpose and passion

  • Not deciding how much is enough (lifestyle cap) - competes with your real passion and will eventually win out.

    • Financial bondage

    • Searching for meaning and fulfillment through materialism - feeds on itself (increases) because it can only provide temporary happiness and then you need another dose. 

Unless you know what your purpose is in life, then you’re just making money to live, but never really live a fulfilled life.