Episode 41
Managing our money to ensure financial well-being and a secure retirement is important to all of us.  On today’s episode we’re talking with Darryl Lyons. He’s an author, a personal finance expert, and an ambitious entrepreneur.  Darryl’s San Antonio, Texas company PAX Financial Group is an Inc 5000 “Fastest Growing Company” and a “Best Place to Work.” His work and his passion have allowed Darryl to give back to his community.  Darryl’s latest mission is to help redefine retirement where we no longer think of retiring but rather pivoting into the next chapter of life with purpose.

Show Notes

On this episode you will learn:

  • The 3 stages of our financial life.

    1. Prepare age 18 - 60

    2. Pivot age 60 - 65

    3. Purpose age 65 and beyond

  • Why purpose is so important to contentment and happiness.

  • How our emotions impact our spending and ultimately our ability to reach our financial and life goals.

  • We’re all in this together - your situation may be different but there’s a lot of similarity in your journey in relation to everyone else’s.

  • Having financial constraints can be a wonderful opportunity for creativity and growth.

  • Why generosity is so important to your financial well-being and to your overall health.

Books by Darryl Lyons

18 to 80: A Simple and Practical Guide to Money and Retirement for All Ages

The Grand Money Chasm: Ten Effective Strategies to Build a Money Legacy Within Your Grandchildren

Small Business Big Pressure: A Faith-Based Approach to Guide the Ambitious Entrepreneur