Episode 52
We love the start of a New Year because in a literal sense it closes one door, the year past, and opens another door, the year ahead. With a new year comes new possibility and new endeavors. We always feel hopeful and enthusiastic about a new year because it means we can pursue new things or improve on the old ones. In this episode, we share our thoughts and ideas for how you can make 2019 a success and achieve even more financially and personally.


Goal Setting

  • Increasing your income

  • Advance your career

  • Improve your relationships

  • Improve your life and health

Hal Elrod - The Miracle Morning

  • Morning routine.

  • As little at 10 min or as much as an hour.

    • Do 6 things.

    • Life Savers.

      • Silence - Solitude.

      • Affirmation - Review your gifts and talents, affirm that you’re called to do what you’re doing, and that you’re making an impact where you are.

        • 5 steps to create your own affirmations.

          • What you want.

          • Why you want it.

          • Whom you are committed to being to create it.

          • What you’re committed to doing to attain it.

          • Add Inspirational quotes and philosophies.

      • Visualization

        • Envision the future.

        • What are the benefits of where you’re going?

        • Create a debt thermometer and put it on your wall.

        • Create a education plan and check mark accomplishments.

      • Exercise

        • 5 min routine up to 30 min exercise.

      • Reading

        • Learn and grow.

      • Scribing

        • Writing and journaling.


It’s not about squeezing ths in to your current routine, it’s about purposely making extra room in your morning for this routine. You wake up an extra hour early, or 30 min early, or even just 5 min early.

Tell someone

To increase the chance of success share your plan with someone who will hold you to it. You have to give yourself some accountability. You need to be excited enough about this to share your plan and encourage others on their journey.

Intentionality is the standard of leader. The person who is the most intentional IS the leader. Not based on title or pay-grade or who you know. Over time your intentionality will elevate you to the position and place you want to be. Being intentional is the standard.

  • If you were meeting the president of the United States tomorrow, what would you do to prepare?

  • If you’re intentional about every day, you’re going to have a great year!

Financial Focus

Improve Your Income

  • Building a small business, side hustle.

  • Take an inventory of your gifts and abilities and look for ways to use them at your current job or pursue other job opportunities.

  • Side hustle ideas.

    • Garage sales, estate sale.

    • Online arbitrage.

    • Finding furniture at Goodwill, Facebook Buy & Sell.

    • Blog about your online finds and build a community.

    • Start a YouTube channel teaching something you know.

      • This has multiple benefits, can lead people to find you as an expert and pay you for consulting.

      • Turn it into an online “premium” class where people pay to learn special things from you.

    • Uber / Lyft /Amazon fulfillment.


Personal Finances

  • Be a better financial manager.

  • Improve your financial position.

    • Time to create your budget, we talk about it all the time, but now is the time to sit down and do it.

    • Create Net-Worth Statement.

    • Reduce your debt, set a plan for the $ amount you’re going to pay off.

    • Start investing.

      • Matching at company (401k, 403b, IRA, Roth IRA).

      • Build the habit of saving.


“Anything important in your life should be done daily. Show me your day and I will show you your future.”

  • If I look at your plate, I can tell you about your health 15 years from now.

  • If I look at your budget, I can tell you what your net-worth will be in 15 years.

  • If I look at your education plan, I can tell you where you’ll be in your career.

Sustainability is the guide of success. As you make your plan, you have to ask the question, “Is this sustainable?”

  • Start by limiting the amount of time. This will cause you to want more. Do you walk away each morning wanting more? That will draw you back and cause you to be consistent.

  • Make a 1-year commitment to the plan, then tell someone about it.

    • Do not change the plan 3 months into the year, if a new exciting plan comes along, then save it for the beginning of next year. Most of the time it will lose its excitement before the next year and you’ll realize you would’ve lost out on your current plan to chase something that wasn’t the best.

    • You want to follow this through and see the impact it has on your life.


Budget Plan/Debt Snowball/Forms
Hall Elrod - The Miracle Morning - book & website