Episode 55
Having a budget is foundational to financial success.  However, just having one doesn’t automatically make you financially successful.  You must know how to use it to achieve success.  On this podcast we discuss our many years of personal budgeting experience to help you gain insight into what will make your budget more successful.




Buying in bulk quantities

Is buying in bulk really worth it? Can I do it and save money?

  • Sometimes it is the same price as other stores. It looks like a good deal, but it’s actually not.

  • Membership fee.

  • There’s a temptation to impulse buy things you don’t really need to be buying.

  • The impulse is buying something in bulk...which means you spent a lot more on an impulse.

  • You have to purchase large quantities that will last multiple months, so you actually spend next month’s money before you earn it.

  • You need a specific Costco or Sam’s budget, because you go there every couple of months, something most people don’t do resulting in overspending.

Cell phone

  • Too many people are staying with their carrier way to long.

    • They charge high prices.

    • Hidden fees.

    • Lock you in with a special phone deal, while overcharging in other areas.

  • Second tier brands.

  • People don’t understand the bill, the carrier changes the fees and taxes, and the bill goes way up, but people don’t notice for months and then when they do notice they don’t want to call and push back.

  • Paying monthly for your “new phone” and getting locked into a carrier.



  • Save by shopping for electricity when possible.

    • Power to choose.org

    • Shop at non-peak seasons to get better rates (December through March).


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