Episode 87
Budgeting is not a one size fits all. We are all different in so many ways that trying to find one way of managing money that everyone can use is, well, impossible. In this episode of GMR, David and I get personal about how we manage our budgets in hopes that you will understand the basics and build and run a budget that works for you.


Budget Basics

  1. The budget must me a YEARLY plan not a monthly plan.

  2. Every area of spending should be managed separately (main and sub-categories). This keeps you fully informed, making the best decisions possible, and is easiest to manage.

  3. Tracking expenses is a must if you are to stick to your budget.

  4. Having a Stability Fund along with your budget will ensure your budget stays on track when unexpected or higher than normal expenses occur.

3 Things Your Budget Must Tell You

  1. How much money you have to spend in each category every month.

  2. How much of the available money has already been spent so far in each category.

  3. How much money is still available to spend in each category.


Screen Shot 2019-09-01 at 10.38.55 PM.png

Short and Long-Term Planning

A budget is the foundation for both short-term and long-term financial success. For the short-term, a budget is a plan that will help you provide for every need each month. For the long-term, the budget provides a way to proactively set aside money each month to ensure that long-term goal will be met.


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