Episode 45
Communication is the foundation of every relationship. In this episode, we are talking with Jeff Tippett, an author, and an expert in persuasive communication. Jeff is passionate about helping people improve their communication. Few subjects are more difficult to communicate about than money. Learning how to work together, avoid manipulation and find agreement, will not only improve your finances but your relationship.


What you will learn from this podcast

  • The difference between Persuasion and Manipulation.

  • How persuasion improves your relationship.

  • How to craft your message when preparing to speak to your partner.

    • Listen.

    • Ask clarifying questions.

    • Seeking alignment - “the sweet spot.”

  • How to build trust through communication.

    • Be consistent.

    • Deliver as you promised.

    • Be open and authentic.

  • The power of your communication and how it impacts others.


Unleashing Your SuperPower: Why Persuasive Communication is the Only Force You Will Ever Need.