Episode 46
No one plans to die!  In fact, most of us rarely consider it even though each of us will one day pass on.  Perhaps that’s why most people don’t have a plan for what will happen after they die. On this episode of Getting Money Right, we speak with Dawn Pruchniak, whose husband died unexpectedly, leaving Dawn with the difficult task of having to navigate through all the financial affairs that followed.  Through her story and the book she’s written, you will learn what it takes to get your own affairs in order so that you and your loved ones will be prepared for the future.


What you will learn from this episode:


  • Getting your affairs in order will help your loved ones avoid as much pain as possible at your passing.

  • When a loved one passes there are many decisions that follow for which you want to be prepared.

  • When grieving, making decisions is difficult and confusing because your brain isn’t free to make rational and good decisions.

  • Every call is an emotional call...every transaction is emotionally charged.

  • Most men think they have all their financials together, but they rarely share the details with their spouse or loved ones.

  • Women think these things are boring and nothing they should be concerned about until their husband or loved one passes away.

  • How to successfully set your financial affairs in order to protect and make sure your family avoids unnecessary pain.




  • Find All Your Assets

  • Verify Your Beneficiaries (the easiest planning mistake to make with the biggest unintended consequences)

  • Be Confident You Understand Your Wills, Trusts, and POAs

  • Everything You Need to Get Your Stuff in Order


Getting Your Affairs in Order


  1. Discover what you have and where it is

    • Creating the Master List of Assets.

  2. Remove unintended consequences (beneficiaries)

    • Making sure your assets have the correct beneficiaries on them.

  3. A will is not what you probably think it is.

  4. Who speaks on your behalf, power of attorneys

  5. Digital Chaos

  6. Surviving Alone

  7. Skip the Drama - Funerals




Book - The Best Gift is Your Last Gift

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